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Sprayless Scratch Repair


SSR is your guaranteed touch-up system.
Its patented technology ensures any scratch, blemish, or chip, will disappear within minutes.

While traditional spray scratch repair methods are messy, environmentally unfriendly, and time-consuming, SSR is environmentally responsible and has a proven track record of patented success for over 18 years.

The SSR magically erases scratches on any auto finish in just minutes. Its patented technology restores your car’s exterior to look brand-new and protects against future damage. Plus, it’s unlike any other traditional sprayless scratch repair system because of its environmentally friendly composition. We’re so confident in its capabilities that we offer a four-year guarantee.

Learn more about SSR by contacting us today at our Lewisville, TX location by calling 866-358-0777 or visit SSR Now .

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