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MPR Minor Scratch Repair
MPR Minor Scratch Repair MINOR SCRATCH REPAIR (MSR), ...

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Scratch Repair
MPR Minor Scratch Repair

MINOR SCRATCH REPAIR (MSR), is a high performance, reconditioning and repair product for cars, boats, RV’s and aircraft. MSR is sold as a ready to use wipe-on or spray applied coating. Each 4fl. oz. bottle covers 400 sq. ft. and the applied material cost is less than 25 cents per sq. ft. Once cured by UV light (sunlight) MSR keeps working for 20 years.

For cars, MSR is used to fill, seal and protect clear coat damage, permanently recondition headlights, repair color damage, and eliminate solvent popping issues.

For Boats, RV’s and Aircraft, MSR is used to rejuvenate, seal and protect faded gelcoat / fiberglass, and stop oxidation formation.

MSR accepts all liquid tints and stir-in, dry pigment systems. Make 10ml, 50ml, a spoonful, a pint, a gallon or more at a time as needed. There's no waste like there is with regular paint! MSR's 20 year shelf life (even after opening) means you don't have to be in a hurry to use it! Fill, fix and color match in one step. If it's not perfect, just wash it off with soap and water before it's hard, adjust the color and try again! Repeat as needed.
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